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Catherine: Creator of Catholic Culture

Catherine’s life and teaching cannot be fully understood unless we try to grasp the completely Christian culture from which she came. I don’t know of any other founders of ecclesial communities in the 20th century who have had such a background.

Catherine Doherty and Madonna House

A theology of founders and foundresses has arisen since Vatican II. Catherine saw herself as having been called by the Lord to be the foundress of, first, Friendship House, and then Madonna House (both of which we shall be considering). Her awareness of being a foundress grew over a period of time, as it often did with other foundresses.

A Vision of the Whole

Catherine Doherty at Madonna House in Combermere.

Catherine Doherty at Madonna House in Combermere.How the Holy Spirit used outstanding laity such as Catherine Doherty to give rise to what the Church is now calling “ecclesial communities and movements.”