Her Writings

A highly sought after speaker, Catherine gave thousands upon thousands of talks and lectures during her life, beginning shortly after her arrival on the shores of Canada in 1921. Her audiences were incredibly diverse: business men’s associations, convents, rural communities, universities, priests and bishops, women’s groups, government officials, and many others.

For over 50 years she criss-crossed North America lecturing and writing for magazines, as well as authoring over 35 books. Her words were fleshed out by a life totally given for others. She had a gift of shedding light on the gospel as it makes its challenge known in the nitty-gritty affairs of everyday living. Her spirituality is incarnational—one to touch, hear, feel—to be lived.

You can read excerpts from some of Catherine Doherty’s writings here on our web site.

Books In Print by Catherine Doherty

An Experience of God: Identification with Christ. 2002. (0-921440-87-1)

Selected spiritually autobiographical writings, highlighting her love for Christ in the poor, her intercession for the Church, and her deep contemplation of the mysteries of our times.

Apostolic Farming: Healing the Earth. 2001. (0-921440-03-0)

Drawing on experience of her father’s farm in Russia, Catherine urges farmers to integrate Christianity into their farming, into the care of their portion of the Lord’s vineyard.

Bogoroditza: She Who Gave Birth to God. 1998. (0-921440-48-0)

Catherine draws a portrait of Mary that makes her unselfish service to the Trinity, her simplicity, integrity, silence and fidelity appealing to all.

Dearly Beloved: Letters to the Children of My Spirit. 1988. (Three volumes)

The family of Catherine Doherty’s Madonna House Apostolate considers these letters perhaps the most important part of her legacy to the Church and our civilization.

Dear Father: A Message of Love to Priests. 2001. (0-921440-76-6)

Catherine Doherty’s thrust is to encourage, to inspire, to protect and to activate the priest as Christ’s ambassador of love to all.

Dear Parents: A Gift of Love for Families. 1997. (0-921440-44-8)

Meditations include Marriage: A Call to Love; Restoring the Home to Christ; Going Deeper; Letting Go (of older children); Learning about Prayer. Talks on feasts and seasons.

Dear Seminarian. 2003. (0-921440-85-5)

For the student anxious to learn how best to do the work of the Lord. Urges seminarians to prepare to fill the need for spiritual direction and for teaching the beauty and fulness of God.

Donkey Bells: Advent and Christmas. 2000. (0-921440-38-3)

Stories, traditions and meditations for anyone interested in living and passing on to the next generation a traditional heritage of Advent and Christmas centred on Christ.

Fragments of My Life: A Memoir. 1996. (0-921440-41-3)

Catherine’s personal autobiography, disclosing the mysteries of world events that shaped her life; of her leadership; of her marriage; and, most of all, the mysteries of God’s love.

Gospel of a Poor Woman, The. 1992. (0-921440-27-8)

Catherine Doherty reveals how it was Christ dwelling in her own heart who allowed her to embrace with love the hunger, rejection and loneliness in each person she touched.

Grace in Every Season. 2001. (0-921440-31-6)

A collection of daily meditations from Catherine’s writings, there are deep insights on prayer and spiritual growth as well as homespun advice on everyday work and family life.

In the Footprints of Loneliness: Mediations. 2003. (0-921440-90-1)

Loneliness is a part of the journey of faith. But in the depths of every heart there is a garden enclosed: this garden is Gethsemane; the enclosure is a meeting place for the Beloved, God.

In the Furnace of Doubts: Mediations. 2002. (0-921440-80-4)

Doubts come to everyone—you are not alone. Catherine knew many of the fears, doubts and anxieties of our times, and here shares meditations which offer consolation and reassurance.

Journey Inward: Interior Conversations. 1984. (0-8189-0468-2)

These meditations excerpted from Catherine’s journal give us insight into the spiritual quest we are all called to undertake. The thoughts inspire, inform and challenge.

Kiss of Christ. 2000. (0-921440-64-2)

In this important book about the Sacrament of Confession, Catherine Doherty lays to rest the fears that keep us from opening the door to freedom and forgiveness.

Living The Gospel Without Compromise. 2002. (0-921440-86-3)

In a simple yet profound style, powerfully written from the heart, it develops key gospel themes, such as community, poverty, prayers, gifts, and virtues.

Lubov: The Heart of the Beloved. 1985. (0-921440-60-8)

Catherine didn’t write these meditations for publication, so we find her deepest interior conversations with God. They were poured forth, in silence, into the heart of the Beloved.

Molchanie: Experiencing the Silence of God. 2001. (0-921440-28-6)

In language poetic and meditative yet direct and simple, Catherine invites us to share her own pilgrimage into God’s silence—entrance into which one is free to accept or reject.

Moments of Grace: Desktop Flip Calendar. 2000. (0-921440-56-1)

A perpetual desktop flip calendar (for any year) featuring popular short quotations from the writings, diaries, and spiritual life of this extraordinary ‘woman in love with God.’

My Heart And I: Spiritual Reflections. 1987. (0-932506-59-3)

The poetic writings in this volume are Catherine’s human efforts to convey to others the inspired wisdom that was infused in her through the last thirty years of her life.

My Russian Yesterdays. 1990. (0-921440-18-9)

Catherine reflects on her early life, and on the ordinary Russian people and of the solid, simple, yet abiding faith which was the joy and inspiration of their life.

Not Without Parables: Stories. (0-921440-16-2)

You can almost feel the warmth of the fire and sense the wonder of a child as you hear these stories which show us the divine spark just beneath the surface of our own normal lives.

O Jesus: Prayers from Catherine’s Diaries. 1996. (0-921440-42-1)

These prayers from her diaries are an outpouring of Catherine’s most unguarded thoughts, her deepest yearnings, her most frank conversations with Jesus, her beloved Lord.

On the Cross of Rejection: Mediations. 2003. (0-921440-91-X)

If you want to follow Jesus, you must walk with him to a place where you will face the ultimate rejection: Christ occupied one side of the cross-you must be crucified on the other side.

Poustinia: Encountering God in Silence, Solitude, Prayer. (0-921440-54-5)

Catherine Doherty’s immensely popular and timeless best-seller, this is the modern spiritual classic for those seeking the open heart and listening soul of a silent contemplation.

Season of Mercy: Lent and Easter. 1996. (0-921440-43-X)

Catherine Doherty leads us into the riches of God’s boundless mercy as she teaches us the spirit, the liturgy, and the customs of the Lent and Easter season.

Sobornost: Unity of Mind, Heart and Soul. 2000. (0-921440-25-1)

Catherine holds the lost key, the forgotten path to the most profound of all worlds—to a new civilization of love. We rediscover the final unity that flows from the Trinity, one in love.

Strannik: The Call to the Pilgrimage of the Heart. 2000. (0-921440-24-3)

Speaks of the everyday outworking of the Christian life, the importance of ordinary things and the duty of the moment, with the constant opportunity it offers for a new beginning.

Welcome, Pilgrim. 1991. (0-921440-23-5)

Become a pilgrim of the spirit—sit by the fireside with Catherine in her cabin, see peace and beauty and hear God’s call in nature. (Original title: I Live on an Island.)

Uródivoi: Holy Fools. 2001. (0-921440-34-0)

We are invited to open the doors of our hearts to the Lord of Love, to the foolishness of the Cross, becoming a fool for the sake of Christ, even as He became a fool for our sake.

If you are interested in any of Catherine Doherty’s books or audio talks, simply visit the Madonna House Publications web site, where all of her in-print books are available.