Give Us God

Dear FatherSelected text from Dear Father: A Message of Love for Priests

The following text is adapted from Catherine Doherty’s book, Dear Father, 3rd ed., published by Madonna House Publications in 2001.

Give Us God!

The hunger of men for God is rising like a tide that nothing can stem; the answers must be forthcoming. Either we answer or someone else will. People seek God everywhere. The hippies used to travel across the continents and to India to find him, although now the hippies have disappeared. But the hunger of men has not. Youth still travels across continents to find God.

How does a man, a person, give God to another? Well, what do we hunger for? We hunger to be taught, to be led, to be healed by the Word of God, by love. Teach us how to love. Teach us true knowledge. Teach us how to pray. Teach us not only about God but also how to know God himself. Help us to know him. God reveals himself to those who love him with an open heart, who listen to his words which now come to us like a whisper of a spring breeze.

We speak much of community these days. You are a member of the people of God. You are in a community. The community loves you and expects from you not eloquence but words that come from your heart because you have listened to his heart.

Give us God because you have met him in prayer and in the study of the Word of God. Teach us how to know God because you know him. Teach us how to pray because you are men of prayer.

Teach us how to love, and here we come to the sixty-four thousand dollar question: Is loving an emotion? Is love a state? Or is it a Person? It is the person of the Carpenter who spent thirty years in a village of no account. Teach us how to love a Person, because love is a Person.

Talk to us about our hunger and your hunger, and tell us that he who speaks through you can heal us and assuage this hunger. Stand still before God so that you can speak to us. Open your heart to him and you will be preachers that children will follow on the street. Give us God and we will go into the ghettos. We shall clean them. We shall love. We shall work. We shall pray, because you have given us the knowledge of how to do it. Yes, you have shown us because you have seen and felt and touched who you are and who He is. Because of that we will have touched and known and fallen in love with him who is love. You will send us forth like a thousand sparks of fire of the Holy Spirit who dwells in you.

We are living in the resurrected Christ, not in the dead One. Christ is in our midst now and forever. Give us that light! Give us that joy!

There is a song of silence that man hears coming from the heart of other men. It is all so simple, so simple, to fall in love with God, to be one with this great Community of the Most Holy Trinity. Stand still before him so that you can speak to men, since God has spoken to you. Then we shall renew together the face of the earth, because love is the only thing that can do it in this time of hate, strife and misery. Love speaks all languages.

Teach us to understand. Teach us how to pray. Teach us how to love. You will know, because you love, you pray, because you are one with him. Speak to us in any way you wish, because he will be speaking in you. Remember: let him.

Catherine Doherty, “Talk to us about God.” Chap. 2 in Dear Father. 3rd ed.
(Combermere ON: Madonna House Publications, 2001), 23–29.

Copyright © 2001 Madonna House Publications. ISBN 0-921440-76-6

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